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Finding the Right Medical Component Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing requires a second party to produce a sub component or, even an entire device, for an OEM. Examples include a cable harness used for EMG monitoring or a sensor used in sleep studies. In each of these instances the OEM develops the system and the contract.....continue

Cable Terminology: Greek to Me

One of our challenges when working with potential customers is terminology. Its not as simple as to-mae-to and to-mah-to but more along the lines of touchproof and being the same concept as safety connector......continue

Advantages of Using Custom Connectors

Electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller, and engineers are beginning to face challenges with accepting standard off the shelf connectors to meet their needs. If your design can not afford to be compromised then customization is the solution.....continue

Volume Two of Our Invivo Preclinical Questions Answered Series

It is possible to dissolve dental cement with acetone, although it may damage materials used to make cannulas and electrodes. While PlasticsOne does not condone reusing components after the initial surgery, we do understand that some researchers choose to do so. Any .....continue

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Every great product begins with an idea. Some easier to accomplish than others. At PlasticsOne we strive to do what other say canít be done, producing cable assemblies, custom molded parts, and working models for custom inventions that you wonít find anywhere .....continue

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