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Why are medical cables so expensive

Often times we have customers calling in to ask us: "why are medical cables so costly when I can just buy generic and save a ton of money?". This is a fair question as a typical medical cable can cost in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 times the cost of a generic cable..... continue

In vivo Optogenetics Experiments

Optogenetics studies allow the researcher to target the area in the brain they are studying with higher precision due to the use of light instead of a fluid substance. Light has a direct path and can be controlled, whereas fluids can affect more or less of the area you want to target.... continue

Touchproof Definded

Due to several well-publicized infant deaths in the mid 1980's, touchproof connector systems were originally designed to provide protection from accidental power main insertions. Medical Touchproof (or "safety") connectors have evolved into a specialized class of connectors that fall under several international standards.... continue

Online Cable Building Wizard

Sometimes getting your concept illustrated is the hardest part of getting your project started. You have a concept of what you need, but you are not sure how it will all fit together or what options are available. We know all too well that getting an idea from your mind into reality can sometimes be tricky. This is where the need for an online cable building tool came from.... continue

Custom Cables and Accessories for Neurodiagnostics Applications

Plastics One offers many cable options for Neurodiagnostic electrical impulse detection testing, to analyze and monitor nervous system function to promote the effective treatment of neurological diseases and conditions. This testing is usually conducted as part of a neurological... continue

How to Order Custom Cannulae

We’ve provided a “cheat sheet” to help you specify the correct custom cuts to speed up the ordering process and ensure that the parts are made correctly ... continue

quote Alan Modliszewski, Vice President and General Manager of Alcon Labs, USA:

Superlative medical molders that consistently deliver high quality product at a reasonable cost are very difficult to find. For 10 years Plastics One has exceeded all of our expectations at Alcon Laboratories, Inc. In addition, Plastics One has full service mold building and maintenance capabilities. Unquestionably, we regard Plastics One as one of our most valuable partners.

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