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Position on Conflict Minerals

Plastics One Incorporated recognizes and supports the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502 concerning Conflict Minerals. As a privately held company we are not required to report to the Security and Exchange Commission however we do accept our responsibility to support our customers and human rights......continue

Cable Terminology: Greek to Me

One of our challenges when working with potential customers is terminology. Its not as simple as to-mae-to and to-mah-to but more along the lines of touchproof and being the same concept as safety connector.....continue

Converting a Medical Cable to RoHS Compliance

For a medical cable to conform to the RoHS standard all the components that are considered homogenous in nature, including solder and flux used in the process, must be Lead Free. Homogeneous in nature can include the sheath on the cable.....continue

Building a Better In-Ear Monitor Cable

How do you improve upon a time tested, industry standard? For years the two pin connector has been the standard for in-ear-monitors. Although it has served the industry well, there is always room for improvement. How do you keep from bending the pins accidentally? How do you know for sure you don’t have them connected out of phase if the ink dots wear off?.....continue

How to Care for In Ear Monitor Cables

Here’s the truth: In-Ear-Monitor cables get dirty due to constant handling. The cables are also susceptible to the “green plague” which is green corrosion on the wire of the cable due to prolonged exposure to perspiration. Not only do the cables get dirty, but .....continue

Modular Tooling Minimizing Development Time

One of the bigger investments in the development of a new cable design is the cost of new tooling. The cost of tooling is linked to the material and even more costly, the labor. Considerable costs in labor are required to design and fabricate the mold. There may also be multiple R&D iterations of the mold which can be just as challenging as the first design, if not more depending.....continue

What is an In Vivo Commutator and How Does it Work

An in vivo commutator, also known as an electrical swivel, allows for consistent electrical continuity in a dynamic rotating system. This has many practical applications, including inside generators and motors. In preclinical applications, the commutator allows.....continue

It's a Snap

The male/female snap electrode option allows the user to connect many types of common electrodes for specific monitoring techniques. The electrode offering can include many of the common adhesive electrodes for testing and many more ECG/EMG/EOG electrodes.....continue

Why Are Medical Cables So Expensive

We are often asked by customers: "Why are medical cables so costly when I can just buy generic and save a ton of money?" This is a fair question, as a typical medical cable can cost in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 times the cost of a generic cable.....continue

In Vivo Optogenetics Experiments

Optogenetics studies allow the researcher to target the area in the brain they are studying with higher precision due to the use of light instead of a fluid substance. Light has a direct path and can be controlled, whereas fluids can affect more or less of the area you want to target.....continue

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