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Converting Products to be RoHS compliant

Converting products to be RoHS compliant can be an overwhelming undertaking. Obstacles including re-validating wire-crimp force, and high-heat soldering components can be an issue with parts that are already pre-validated to existing.....continue

Invivo Preclinical Questions Volume One

Some of our invivo preclinical customer's questions answered......continue

Engineering Evaluation Parts

Itís easy to find yourself in a time crunch for getting sample parts fabricated quickly to showcase at a tradeshow. Inventors require quality parts for spur-of- the moment meetings with investors. Engineers may need to have a small batch of working parts to evaluate a capability. These are just a .....continue

How Can I Protect My PCB and Cable Assembly

There are countless elements in our environment that can wreak havoc on PCB and cable assembly products. From moisture in the form of corrosion to simple dust and lint. These types of elements and a host of others can lead to inconsistent readings and measures which can can cause performance issues. You may also have a need to make sure the cable assembly cannot be yanked off of your PCB due to the low pull force strength from just a soldered connection. EMI and EMF shielding .....continue

Sourcing Cables For Sleep Studies

There are many types of cables used in polysomnography (sleep studies). Some will monitor sleep stages, some monitor sleep cycles and still others are used to identify disruptions in sleep patterns. These cables range from a typical EEG cable to a more complex snore sensor cable.....continue

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