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The Brain Atlas and Stereotaxic

brain atlas is a roadmap to basic brain structures. The first rat brain atlas, The Rat Brain Coordinates in Stereotaxic, was published by Paxinos and Watson in 1982. The book is currently in itís 7th edition (2014) and is considered one of the most trusted resources of neuroscience researchers. An atlas is comprised of photos or diagrams of brain slices done at set intervals. This interval ranges anywhere between 100 - 200 Micrometre in thickness ...continue

Music Cables Sound Quality vs Durability

There has been, and most likely will always be, a spirited debate of which type of In-Ear Monitor (IEM) cable is the best. Should you buy copper or silver? Maybe silver plated copper? Maybe tinsel wire verses stranded? There are more options available in the world than the average consumer cares to comprehend. Factor in the difference between casual music listening, stage performance and true audiophile sound quality. The listening environment ...continue

USB Type C Connector & 3.1 Standard

The standard size USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, along with the operation of the USB, has stayed relatively the same since 1996, outliving the USB 1, 2 and 3.0 standards. The standard USB is the connector you see on almost every computer peripheral device such as, keyboard, mouse, camera, and jump drive. It is so popular that we use them to modularize connection between the cellphone and a wall power supply. There has been ...continue

Finding the Right Medical Component Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing requires a second party to produce a sub component or, even an entire device, for an OEM. Examples include a cable harness used for EMG monitoring or a sensor used in sleep studies. In each of these instances the OEM develops the system and the contract...continue

Cable Terminology: Greek to Me

One of our challenges when working with potential customers is terminology. Its not as simple as to-mae-to and to-mah-to but more along the lines of touchproof and being the same concept as safety connector....continue

Advantages of Using Custom Connectors

Electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller, and engineers are beginning to face challenges with accepting standard off the shelf connectors to meet their needs. If your design can not afford to be compromised then customization is the solution...continue

Volume Two of Our Invivo Preclinical Questions Answered Series

It is possible to dissolve dental cement with acetone, although it may damage materials used to make cannulas and electrodes. While PlasticsOne does not condone reusing components after the initial surgery, we do understand that some researchers choose to do so. Any ...continue

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Every great product begins with an idea. Some easier to accomplish than others. At PlasticsOne we strive to do what other say canít be done, producing cable assemblies, custom molded parts, and working models for custom inventions that you wonít find anywhere ...continue

From One to Millions of Units Per Year

PlasticsOne offers a flexible manufacturing environment that can grow and react with your product line. For smaller product lines we utilize Batch mode production and as the line grows, or as demand changes, we use multiple cells ...continue

Single Osmotic Pump Infusion Cannulas: Custom Fitted to Your Specifications

We understand the importance of quality and accuracy in your research and that time is often a high priority in a critical study. For that reason, we manufacture parts to meet your requirements with quick turnaround time. There are no additional costs...continue