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Balanced Audio Cables

There is some debate in the audio world about the advantages of using balanced audio cables for in-ear monitor connections. The best place to start is to explain what a balanced cable is. The simple version is that a balanced cable is one where the left and right grounds have completely separate signal paths. Ok, so what? What difference does it make...continue

MRI In Research

MRI tests have many applications with research animals, including stroke, cancer and drug efficacy. It allows for researchers to study small cellular changes and, unlike more traditional models, MRI allows for the study of disease progression without the need to sacrifice the animal. This suggests there is a need for fewer animals, driving down costs and allowing more research to be done....continue

What is a Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing offers highly skilled workers, leveraging their knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently grow your business. Contract manufacturers offer three major benefits to businesses: large resource of knowledge, offloading work (increased workloads or non-core competencies) and cost savings (material/wages)....continue

Addiction and the Animal Model

Researchers have long been using animal models, namely rats, mice and primates, to mimic addiction models in humans. Rodents and primates suffer addiction and brain changes similar to human models, and so, can be suitable replacements for them in study. Examples of drugs often chosen for animal models include nicotine, alcohol, cocaine and heroin. Addiction studies, accomplished through self-administration, is a form of operant conditioning. Animals are placed inside an operant chamber where they are trained to press a lever for ...continue

Data and Fluid Cable

Working in an environment saturated with cables, machinery, people and various other obstacles is difficult at best and impossible at worst. These objects can get snagged, tangled, twisted together and make the task even more stressful than it might already be. Compound this with a high stress; high risk task that requires extreme attention to detail and accidents are bound to happen. Professions that operate in this type of highly focused but cluttered environment might be a doctor. It might even be a doctor ...continue

Variations of Guide Cannulae

Neuroscience researchers use guide cannulae in animals to study regions of interest in the brain. A guide cannula is a hollow tube that is implanted into an animal, to allow for fluid or drug infusion. Generally, guide cannulae are cut to a specific length and then carefully placed surgically using a stereotaxic....continue

Create Your Own Custom IEM Connector

It only takes a few minutes on the internet to see there are countless in-ear monitor (IEM) manufactures out there; each company offering their version of the perfect IEM. What separates one IEM from another? The answer to that question is as complex and varied as the choice in IEMs themselves. One feature that is almost universal to all IEMs in the style of connector use to plug them in....continue

The Brain Atlas and Stereotaxic

brain atlas is a roadmap to basic brain structures. The first rat brain atlas, The Rat Brain Coordinates in Stereotaxic, was published by Paxinos and Watson in 1982. The book is currently in itís 7th edition (2014) and is considered one of the most trusted resources of neuroscience researchers. An atlas is comprised of photos or diagrams of brain slices done at set intervals. This interval ranges anywhere between 100 - 200 Micrometre in thickness ...continue

Music Cables Sound Quality vs Durability

There has been, and most likely will always be, a spirited debate of which type of In-Ear Monitor (IEM) cable is the best. Should you buy copper or silver? Maybe silver plated copper? Maybe tinsel wire verses stranded? There are more options available in the world than the average consumer cares to comprehend. Factor in the difference between casual music listening, stage performance and true audiophile sound quality. The listening environment ...continue

USB Type C Connector & 3.1 Standard

The standard size USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, along with the operation of the USB, has stayed relatively the same since 1996, outliving the USB 1, 2 and 3.0 standards. The standard USB is the connector you see on almost every computer peripheral device such as, keyboard, mouse, camera, and jump drive. It is so popular that we use them to modularize connection between the cellphone and a wall power supply. There has been ...continue