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From One to Millions of Units Per Year

PlasticsOne offers a flexible manufacturing environment that can grow and react with your product line. For smaller product lines we utilize Batch mode production and as the line grows, or as demand changes, we use multiple cells .....continue

Single Osmotic Pump Infusion Cannulas: Custom Fitted to Your Specifications

We understand the importance of quality and accuracy in your research and that time is often a high priority in a critical study. For that reason, we manufacture parts to meet your requirements with quick turnaround time. There are no additional costs.....continue

2015 VT KnowledgeWorks Student Business Concept Competitions

Roanoke, VA - To promote innovation, engineering, design and technology, PlasticsOne. is thrilled to announce funding of sponsorship awards at the 2015 VT KnowledgeWorks Student Business Concept Competitions. The Global Challenge Semifinals in April allows Virginia Tech student teams to compete for prizes, where the grand prize winner will advance to the August finals and compete on a world stage in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.....continue

Electrophysiology: Where to Begin

If youíre wondering what to order for an Electrophysiology study we can help. First, how many channels are you planning on working with? Our standards are: two, three or six. If you need any additional channels we offer custom options. .....continue

3D Printing: Quickly Bringing Your Prototypes to Life

In the past, prototyping parts were typically outsourced, expensive and a time consuming service to offer. Luckily, technology and 3D printing have revolutionized the prototyping process. Not only is it relatively quick to get a part printed, the material is also fairly inexpensive. Previously it would take days to machine a part or prototype, and many man hours. .....continue

Do Not Risk Your Business On Cheap In Ear Monitor Cables

A leading american In-Ear Monitor (IEM) company recently shared their experience in dealing with an offshore supplier. The supplier had a U.S. representative and the manufacturing facility was in Asia so it seemed like a good way to get inexpensive cables without the added stress of communicating directly offshore. The IEM company was initially pleased with the price of the cable and quality but it did not take long for quality and communication issues to arise. Once production ramped up, the Asian manufacturer .....continue

Choosing the Correct Pedestal System

In a Invivo research environment guide cannula systems can be used with laboratory animals. A guide cannula is made of a stainless steel tube and a pedestal. The pedestal is a plastic threaded piece on a guide cannula used .....continue

Converting Products to be RoHS compliant

Converting products to be RoHS compliant can be an overwhelming undertaking. Obstacles including re-validating wire-crimp force, and high-heat soldering components can be an issue with parts that are already pre-validated to existing.....continue

Invivo Preclinical Questions Volume One

Some of our invivo preclinical customer's questions answered......continue

Engineering Evaluation Parts

Itís easy to find yourself in a time crunch for getting sample parts fabricated quickly to showcase at a tradeshow. Inventors require quality parts for spur-of- the moment meetings with investors. Engineers may need to have a small batch of working parts to evaluate a capability. These are just a .....continue
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