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MMCX Connectors: Building a Better In-Ear Monitor Cable

mmcx connectorHow do you improve upon a time tested, industry standard? For years the two pin connector has been the standard for in-ear-monitor cables. Although it has served the industry well, there is always room for improvement. How do you keep from bending the pins accidentally? How do you know for sure you donít have them connected out of phase if the ink dots wear off? How can you prevent a connector from simply wearing out when it is connected and disconnected hundreds of times for many years?

The answers to these questions comes with MMCX connectors and the benefits they offer. There are several reasons that these connectors have become the standard for many brands of in-ear-monitors, specifically improving on the track record of previous versions. The small size makes it an attractive replacement for the conventional IEM connector. These new connectors offer 360 degrees of rotation which helps reduce stress on the mating socket as opposed to a fixed position design. They also feature an integrated snap lock feature for retention, which makes the MMCX a perfect match for in-ear monitors. The radial design makes these connectors more rugged and durable than other IEM connector styles when considering the repeated connection cycles with the ear monitor. The coaxial design prevents out of phase connections.

PlasticsOne has improved the MMCX connector body with our 622 by molding it into a square shape which allows for more grip area when the cables are unplugged from a monitor. We offer a custom designed MMCX male and female matched pair. The set has been custom designed with ultra-high tolerances to increase connection reliability and repeatability. The MMCX female jack is specifically designed to improve retention in IEMs by having deep radial grooves that facilitate the flow of curable materials during installation. Our connectors are gold plated and available in clear or black.

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By: Andy Bishop

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