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Donít Risk Your Business on Cheap In-Ear Monitor Cables

GoodCheapFastA leading american In-Ear Monitor (IEM) company recently shared their experience in dealing with an offshore supplier. The supplier had a U.S. representative and the manufacturing facility was in Asia so it seemed like a good way to get inexpensive cables without the added stress of communicating directly offshore. The IEM company was initially pleased with the price of the cable and quality but it did not take long for quality and communication issues to arise. Once production ramped up, the Asian manufacturer was not able to maintain either the cable integrity or delivery which put the IEM company months behind schedule. Once quality issues arose, the American representative became harder and harder to communicate with.

The vast majority of IEM companies are small, startup or mom and pop organizations. They work with limited budgets and aggressive timetables in order to gain market share and stay competitive. What these small companies benefit from the most is an experienced manufacturer with high quality standards and reasonable prices. In addition to dependable service, short lead time, and a knowledgeable contact who knows the field.

PlasticsOne is a pioneer in the audio and audiology industry and has been building cables for over 30 years. We are an ISO 9001 certified company, which means that our audio cables are built and tested to the highest standards. PlasticsOne is at the forefront of the IEM industry and is always looking to improve and develop new audio cable products using high quality materials. In an effort to help the small business model of the IEM industry, we developed our Motion Series cables: a line of affordable, high quality IEM cables.

Please contact us for your IEM cable needs or to discuss a customized IEM cable solution.

By: Andy Bishop

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