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High-End Audio

Made by professionals for professionals

PlasticsOne's presence and promise speaks for itself: more than 60 years custom designing and manufacturing high-end audio cables gives us a little room to be proud. Whatever your application, we partner with you to design and build new audio cable systems or modify existing ones. Tell us what you need.

High End Audio

We understand the needs of audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. With over 30 years of high end audio industry experience…we get it. We recognize the need for quality, long lasting audio cables and make them. PlasticsOne never stops designing and developing new audio products like the latest connectors and great sounding, wearable wires. Our products are field tested and have been worn by countless famous and up and coming performers, as well as audio lovers around the world. We now offer a new line of ready-to-ship IEM cables.

Visit our Motion Series Cables Page for a look.

Audiology and Communications

PlasticsOne started in the audiology business over 65 years ago. We cover the fields of Audiology and Communication as well as High End Audio and understand that each field is unique and diverse. Our cables help the hearing impaired hear the world they have been missing, and we do not take this lightly. PlasticsOne builds custom, coiled or straight, communication cables that are rugged and tough. We build these cables to last even after the finish line is crossed, the fire is out or the police officer’s shift is over.

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