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How to Care for In-Ear Monitor Cables

How to Care for IEMHere’s the truth: In-Ear-Monitor cables get dirty due to constant handling. The cables are also susceptible to the “green plague” which is green corrosion on the wire of the cable due to prolonged exposure to perspiration. Not only do the cables get dirty, but there can be intermittency problems and the wires can become wavy from wrapping them around the audio device.

People try to solve these issues by handling the cables carefully, which is unrealistic. Frequently replacing the cables is another option, but it is expensive. So instead of buying white gloves to handle the cables or replacing the cables more often than you should, let us help.

PlasticsOne uses super flexible tinsel wire to prevent wire shape memory and wavy cable. We use custom designed Flex Master bend reliefs at all critical connection points to distribute stress and prolong the connection life. Our new Graphite Motion cables use metal flakes in the wire jacket to mask green corrosion, giving the appearance of a translucent wire, and our PVC jacket material easily wipes clean.

Please contact us to learn more about our superior In-Ear- Monitor cables.

By: Andy Bishop

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