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Preclinical Neuroscience Research Components

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Are you spending precious time building your own parts for preclinical research? Do you know you donít have to? From infusion cannulas and electrophysiology systems to optogenetic components and invivo research necessities, PlasticsOne knows well the importance of frontline neuroscience preclinical research practiced by scientists worldwide. After all, weíve been partnering with many of you for over 30 years!

Whether youíre new to us or a trusted long-time customer, we want to provide you with research components to fit your specific needs. If you need something you donít see here, we urge you to learn more about how we can save you time and expense by letting us serve you.

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Infusion Systems

Infusion Systems are Custom made for short term and chronic infusion studies of small and larger animals, these implanted cannulas deliver drugs, crystals, fluids and fiber optics to specific sites in the brain.

Offered in stainless steel and non-metallic materials, our infusion systems include Single and Double/Bilateral Cannulas in standard and custom configurations such as Acute, Back-mounted, Cannula Connector Pedestal, Flanged, Push-Pull, Screw Guide and Dummy, and cannulas for use with Osmotic Pumps.

Electrode Systems

Electrode Systems used for intracranial, extra-cranial, and subcutaneous electrical studies to record, stimulate, create muscle lesion, and measure EKG/EMG of small and larger animals, our custom made electrodes are available in stainless steel or MRI-compatible material.

Numerous types of Electrodes and multi-channel Commutators as well as Electrode/Guide Cannula Combination Systems are supplemented with our Connector Cables made to fit your specifications.


As one of the most recent research methods spanning both science and engineering, optogenetics combines genetics and optics (light) to target, control, and evaluate brain circuit function and dysfunction within cells by delivering light deeply into freely moving animals.

We offer a Single or Double/Bilateral Optic Fiber Cap and Housing which are secured to the Guide Cannula when the fiber optic is activated.

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