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motion cables IEM

In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Cable

Motion Series

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right angle slim connector

3.5mm right angle slim connector

The cable starts with our part number 603 which uses a gold-plated flangeless pin. The connector has a Flex Master bend relief to protect the internal connections from use and abuse.
Tinsel Wire

Tinsel Wire

Made with the highest quality silver plated tinsel wire construction with a PVC jacket. The tinsel wire provides the maximum amount of flexibility and a very low shape memory.
Rugged Bifurcation

Rugged Bifurcation

In the middle of the cable is a custom bifurcation where the triad twisted wire is divided into two 15 inch twisted pairs. Three Flex Master bend reliefs are used to add robustness to the cable.
92 IEM Connector622 IEM Connector

IEM Connectors

We offer two choices of gold plated IEM connectors. The industry standard 2 pin 092 or the more recent 622 coaxial MMCX style connector
Onyx Motion spacer
Graphite Motion spacer
Crystal Motion spacer

Color Choices

The Graphite Motion features matte grey jacket w/ metal flake to mask the wire underneath. Conceals the effects of perspiration that clear jackets show over time.
2235 IEM Jack41952 IEM Jack

IEM Jacks

Two styles of jacks are available: the 2235 two pin style jack and the 41952 MMCX coaxial style jack


  • In Stock.
  • Made in USA.
  • Drawing available.
  • Available in 50 inch and 64 inch lengths.


  • Cinch Tube Clear tube used to cinch IEM wires.
  • Ear Hook 2.5 inch forming wires to shape cable over ears.